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Caitlyn Jenner is Headed to Cleveland During GOP Convention

“Caitlyn has been capable to bring a national spotlight to troubles facing transgender individuals,” Alana Jochum, executive director of Equality Ohio, explained. “Ohio is a single of the states exactly where these issues are actual.

We don't have full equality for the LGBTQ neighborhood right here .” Despite Jenner’s reasonably recent reinvention as an LGBT-rights advocate, she nevertheless stays a staunch Republican. “I sit on the Republican side, and when we do get a candidate, I certainly will talk to them,” Jenner explained in March. “I admit that the Democrats, as far as trans concerns, are far better than the Republicans,” she added. Before Trump secured the Republican nomination, Jenner was a sturdy supporter of Ted Cruz, and has since praised The Donald as being “very a lot for females,” and for seeming “very significantly behind the LGBT neighborhood simply because of what occurred in North Carolina with the bathroom problem .” Jenner’s complex political identity has at times produced supporters puzzled as to why she would continue to be a member of a party so hostile to the advancement of LGBT rights and legislation. “I have gotten much more flak for becoming a conservative Republican than I have for being trans,” Jenner advised University of Pennsylvania students earlier this yr. If Jenner and her new political allies had their druthers, the GOP would emerge out of Cleveland this summer season with a reformed get together platform that removes any and all anti-LGBT language.

She may possibly be fighting the excellent fight but, in all probability. Caitlyn Jenner will be waiting at least a couple much more election cycles until her party recognizes total and equal rights.

07/09/2016 18:40:54
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