Kim K most well known celebrity. Because she loves scandals and sexual intercourse tape!

Kim Kardashian: Does She Dress in Butt Pads? —See The Awkward Pics

Did Kim Kardashian accidentally reveal the secret to her huge booty? As Kim made her way out of Khloe Kardashian’s birthday celebration on June 27, what appeared to be a butt pad showed correct by way of her skirt. Check out the pic and see what you consider! There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian has a curvaceous backside, but she might be receiving a minor more plumping assist than we thought.

The 35-yr-outdated actuality star may just be guilty of employing butt pads to assist give her the renowned derriere we’re all so acquainted with — at least that’s what appeared to be inside her skirt on June 27! Talk about an awkward wardrobe malfunction! Cameras caught Kim’s backside as she walked out of Dave & Busters, snapping a shot of Kim’s white shirt tucked into her hip-hugging tight gray mini skirt. But even with her round butt, the hardest thing to appear away from was the giant round pad that was peeking via the skirt! It’s not really clear what specifically was leaving a unusual form atop her butt cheeks, but it undoubtedly didn’t search regular! Thinking about Kim just had a child six months ago, we don’t want to rip on her malfunction too tough.

She has dropped an outstanding 60 pounds in the 6 months since giving birth to Saint West. which a good deal of could’ve come from her butt — possibly she was just attempting to make up for what she lost? There’s also the likelihood that Kim is sporting a particular pair of Spanx that variety of backfired on her that evening.

With a butt like Kim’s, a minor additional assistance in no way hurts! (It just can make for an embarrassing image or two sometimes…) One other reason Kim may be sporting a pad in her skirt is to keep away from flashing her butt crack instead. We recall seeing Kim rock a comparable gray skirt in 2012. which totally unveiled her entire butt proper through the see-by way of material. Definitely she didn’t want that to happen this time all around! What’s a lot more humiliating: Displaying a butt pad or your full-on crack? Let’s be trustworthy, we’d flash the butt pad too!

07/01/2016 13:44:29
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