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Nicki Minaj blasts Kanye West for dating 'Gold Digger white girl'Kim Kardashian

Nicki Minaj has slammed Kanye West for racial double requirements. The 33-yr-previous musician has spoken out in defence of black women feeling as however they are not excellent ample, calling out the double normal between Kanye West's lyrics in his 2005 hit Gold Digger, and his partnership with Kim Kardashian West. Speaking in the November situation of Marie Claire magazine, the Anaconda rapper explained: "I am so tired of black ladies feeling that when our males get wealthy, they're going to depart them for a lady of a various race. Nicki Minaj has taken shots at Kanye West for dating a white girl "It wasn't funny when Kanye said [in Gold Digger], 'When he get on, he'll depart your ass for a white girl', and Kanye takes place to be with a white lady now. It was not humorous when he mentioned it it was the f***ing truth." And that was not the only point the Superbass hitmaker had to say about the 35-year-old Trying to keep Up with the Kardashians star, as she just lately hit out at Sharon Osbourne for praising the star's naked selfie. The Live Occasion you are attempting to watch is either unavailable or has not commenced Please refresh this page in your browser to reload this dwell occasion video Kanye has married 'white girl' Kim Kardashian following rapping about it in Gold Digger On Sharon's tv present The Talk, the 64-year-previous presenter described Nicki's Anaconda promo cover, in which he wore just a pink G-string and sports bra, as a "affordable porno cover of a DVD". However, when images surfaced of Kim's renowned naked selfie, Sharon branded the picture as "inspiring" and even went on to replicate the cover herself. Nicki mentioned: "So it was not trashy and raunchy when a white female did it but it was when a black girl did it? "When Kim Kardashian's naked picture came out (Sharon) praised it and my fans attacked her for becoming this kind of a hypocrite." And the Bang Bang musician says she accepts that it's "pathetic", but admits she is "accustomed" to speaking out against it. She extra: "It truly is really pathetic and sad but that is my actuality and I have gotten accustomed to just shutting it down."

10/15/2016 18:34:11
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