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Kanye West throws shade at Kim Kardashian's exes in video?

Rapper Kanye West appears to be throwing shade at wife Kim Kardashian's popular exes Kris Humphries and Ray J in the video of his new track "Wolves". At many points when a crying Kim seems on screen, West, 39, whispers in her ear: "I know it can be corny. You wish you could unswallow", reported Digital Spy. West then goes biblical: "Then I said, 'What if Mary was in the club 'fore she met Joseph, about hella thugs. Cover Nori in lambs' wool - we surrounded by the wolves!" The clip is incredibly fashion-forward as Kardashian and West strut about in monochrome for the seven-minute masterpiece. Sia and Vic Mensa also pop up for their components in the song.

07/31/2016 18:31:52
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