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Kris Jenner Begging Rob Kardashian To Get A Paternity Test —Report

Wow! Kris Jenner reportedly thinks there is a opportunity that Blac Chyna’s infant may possibly not be Rob Kardashian’s and she’s telling him that he should get a DNA check to show he is the father.

Is Rob Kardashian the father of Blac Chyna ‘s child? That is what we all believed right up until a surprising report claimed that Kris Jenner thinks there’s a possibility it may not be his. Wow, now that would be the greatest bombshell. Kris is terrified that the child may possibly not be Rob’s and she has been reportedly begging him to get a paternity test. “Kris was freaking out when she heard the news and is forcing Rob to get a paternity check,” a source tells InTouch. “Rob refused and insisted that this is without having a doubt his child. But Kris is fearful it is not his little one [since she says] Chyna was with other guys when they began dating. She just doesn’t trust Chyna.” That would be totally nuts but it’s not a bad notion for Rob to get a DNA test because he and Blac had just started dating when she acquired pregnant. But we have a feeling it is his, considering how more than-the-moon he was with the announcement. We bet if there was any doubt, Kim Kardashian would not have taken Blac to her OBGYN. Meanwhile, the loved ones has spoken out about Rob and Blac’s child with Kim just lately saying: “Everyone is performing really fantastic,” she stated. “Everyone is super excited.” We are enthusiastic also! Plus, we know that so far on season twelve, Rob’s connection with Blac has been a huge storyline and even however it’s leading to drama, we know that it’s actually bringing the family closer together. We just wonder if the DNA check will be filmed on the show or at least brought up. If it’s great for ratings, something is feasible!

05/18/2016 17:51:59
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