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Kris Jenner Possessing Epic Meltdown Above Rob Kardashian Refusing To Get Pre-Nup

Rob has really stepped in it this time! The youngest Kardashian is not organizing to signal a prenuptial agreement with future wife Blac Chyna, and it’s all Kris Jenner’s fault. Sadly, she understands this all too nicely, and absolutely blames herself. Locate out why!

Blac Chyna. 28, desires that cash honey! She is on her way to marrying Rob Kardashian. 29, and there is nothing stopping her from taking him for all he’s worth — virtually. Apparently there is no prenuptial agreement in location, and Kris Jenner. 60, is blaming herself for Rob’s “foolish” selection.

We have all the details on what’s going down! Really do not blame yourself, Kris! In the finish, who is aware of, this could all operate out and Blac and Rob could live happily ever after for a lifetime. Nevertheless, sadly, if it doesn’t that could be a great deal of funds on Rob’s behalf, and he won’t be protected.

That would undoubtedly be a tragedy. “She doesn’t want him to get harm, and she sure as hell doesn’t want him to be shelling out millions to Blac should anything go awry in their partnership. They have a little one on the way and Kris only desires her son to increase a pair and get intelligent quick,” our insider continued. Properly, that’s a bit harsh, but you cannot blame her, simply because Rob is her only son. Hopefully Rob and Blac can locate a way to hold the love alive for a lifetime, and really that is most likely the complete explanation he is not signing a prenup.

To make positive that he ups the stakes and remains faithful to Blac permanently.

Wouldn’t that be a gorgeous finish to the strangest adore story ever? We positive think so!

05/20/2016 23:53:09
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