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Kris Jenner Urges Kylie To Keep away from Rebound Relationships Following Tyga Split

Kylie Jenner. 18, may possibly be paying her very own payments, but she’ll by no means be also previous to get some motherly tips from Kris Jenner. 60. Kris is really advising Kylie on how to cope with her recent breakup from Tyga. 26, encouraging her to spend time with her close friends and loved ones, rather than fall into an additional partnership. We have the here. Considering that the breakup is even now pretty fresh on everyone’s minds, the momager just needs Kylie to take some time away from the connection drama. “She’s genuinely been encouraging Kylie to spend high quality time with her sisters and near close friends,” the insider continued. She informed Kylie that acquiring into another romantic relationship will just complicate matters. She wants Kylie to just take one particular stage at a time.” Though Kylie is old enough to make her personal options, we sort of see why Kris would propose she slow down a small.

Following all, the social media star hasn’t exactly been taking little one actions.

Because Tyga and Kylie known as it quits earlier in May 2016, Kylie has been spotted partying with Scott Disick. 32, and was even rumored to have hooked up with Ty Dolla $ign. 31. The reality star is just striving to find a way to cope with the breakup, and considering how considerably time the two invested with each other, it might get a even though.

She has apparently started out to ignore Tyga’s texts. which is half the battle. So hopefully, she’ll take her mom’s advice and depart the rebounds alone and target on who the real Kylie Jenner is without a boyfriend.

05/16/2016 17:39:57
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